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Grief by You: The Eulogy

In this series, Grief by You, I will be featuring people in my life who have experienced grief in one way or another. Some will be kept anonymous for those that prefer it. I hope to open the eyes of the readers and myself to how different people’s experiences with grief can be. If youContinue reading “Grief by You: The Eulogy”

My Boat at Sea Part 2

This post feeds from my previous post: I Have Been on on a Boat at Sea. Through the last twenty-seven months, I have been on a boat at sea. By now I have learned the way of the waves. I understand how to wax and wane with the coming and going of each swell ofContinue reading “My Boat at Sea Part 2”

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Trainer, Mainly for Me

I have wanted to work with a trainer for a long time. I have done reading on various trainers in our area, but never bit the bullet. I don’t think there was really a turning moment that pushed me to send the email, but I am so glad I did! We now have a positiveContinue reading “Trainer, Mainly for Me”

A Letter to My Future Self

Something I think it’s easy to forget is that I am only human and really Scotia is only a dog. We have our limitations and sometimes it’s easy to loose sight of that simple but obvious fact. About a year ago Scotia and I moved away from my hometown to try somewhere new. Since then,Continue reading “A Letter to My Future Self”

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KM2: Many More than 2 Km

This month I ran my first ultra. 50km through a beautiful park in the Okanagan. Not so beautiful is the pain I endured to complete it or maybe some think that’s also beautiful. I don’t think I could’ve been more mentally ready for the race, but I also think I had no idea what IContinue reading “KM2: Many More than 2 Km”


Hello there! Welcome to this new segment of my blog. As you may have read already, this is my new blog where I talk about everything that isn’t included in my other two blogs… Like the “everything else” category. I like to think I live a relatively interesting life and maybe someone wants to readContinue reading “Welcome”

KM1: Moving off the Rock

I had always thought I would move off the Island eventually, but I never knew when. I was sitting in my large bachelor pad that I had lived in for years and said to my self “what are you doing with your life?”. It took me a while to realize I was waiting for lifeContinue reading “KM1: Moving off the Rock”