Lonely Champagne Birthday

I am comforted this year on Marisa’s birthday by memories. I wish I didn’t need to be comforted. I wish she was here, but the honest truth is that she isn’t. For her champagne birthday this year, I have pulled together a memory from each year we were lucky enough to have her here, in the form of little dinky poems. I hope you enjoy it. Your stories are more than welcome. Feel free to reach out to me or comment below. I would love to hear from you. Enjoy.

1997 – Beginnings of My Best Friend
Where it all began, the beginning so to speak.
She was born in chaos, her heart was weak.
Though she gained strength in the years to come,
Marisa’s story had just begun.

1998 – The Double Golly-Golly
Both thumbs stuck in her mouth, from the moment she could she would douse
Her thumbs in her own saliva, as adorable as a sweet little mouse.
Marisa had her quirks it’s true, from one to eleven she was known
For the double golly-golly, stopping this made her truly grown.

1999 – Poof Trick
Poof it was gone just like that
Marisa and I picked this at the drop of a hat.
Josh and Jordi made it disappear
And it would arrive somewhere near.
The appearance was adjusted to our request
Magic happened at our brother’s best.
What was it you ask?
Anything we could find that Josh’s hands could mask.
Poof it was gone just like that,
Oh how it made us laugh.

2000 – Kyla, Mom, Grandma, and Confusion
Things are confusing as a small child,
There are sisters, moms, and grandma’s, it’s wild!
It can be so hard to keep track,
So Marisa made a simple hack.
Mom seemed like Grandma, and Kyla like Mom,
So she used those names, without a qualm.
Our mother never ever seemed to know why,
So she asked Marisa, while completely calm.
Marisa responded with a sigh,
“You’re too old to me my mom!”

2001 – Just a little poke
Dad was trying to have a nap.
We both wanted to do his hair.
Dad was on it before we snapped.
To avoid the arguments, it was all he could bare.

One doctor and one hairstylist solved the problem.
We were content with our new jobs.
Moments later, back to sleep, Dad had fallen.
Marisa got a conniving look and she simply nods.

Off she went to find her tools.
When she came back, her smile still lingered.
She work quietly, dad was a fool.
She brought out a push pin, and poked his finger!

Our Dad screamed oh so loud.
The beast within him she had provoked.
Her smile grew bigger, she was so proud.
“Oh dad, you’ll be fine, it’s just a little poke!”

2002 – Beginning of Homeschooling
School from home gave me time.
Time I would’ve lost, that wouldn’t have been mine.
Time together where we learned.
New concepts in our minds churned.
That time together I will never take for granted.
Time with her, plain, simple and candid.

2003 – Logan’s Arrival
Becoming an aunt was altering.
Marisa loved it, occasionally faltering.
Closeness in age some times caused fights.
First to hold the baby, Marisa felt it was her right.
Her wish came true when Logan did arrive.
Marisa was over the moon, and their relationship did strive.

2004 – Critter Cove
Fishing rods and life jackets.
Two little girls made quite the racket.
Smiles on our face, scent of ocean in our hair.
You couldn’t find us a single care.
I smile when I think of all the love,
We felt in our time at Critter Cove.

2005 – Marion’s for 3 weeks
Aunty Mer provided us so much love.
Soft, caring, and pure like a dove.
Three whole weeks while our parents travels.
Our mischievous minds slowly unraveled.
Exploring and adventuring was key.
Petting the horses and climbing trees.
Time flew when we were there.
Although, forgetting our parents, we wouldn’t dare.

2006 – Disney – Give kids the world
Ice cream at all times, countless pools, and remote control boats.
Give kids the world was a place we loved most.
Presents on the table, daily.
The four younger kids frolicked gaily.
Christmas on Thursdays, presents included.
Lost track of time, wait, who did?
Well we did of course, because we were in heaven.
Back when she was nine and I was eleven.

2007 – Dance Class
Getting to dance was often a struggle
Sometimes my mother would have to smuggle
Marisa into the car, just to get her there
Tights, bodysuit, and perfect hair.
But once she was there she was much more calm.
At that point Marisa thought dance was the bomb.
Marisa was always ready to perform.
She would always took the stage by storm.
Her smile was memorable to most,
All while through the moves Marisa would coast.

2008 – Trampoline in the Rain
Bouncing around as kids, we always did play,
In the sun or rain or any kind of day.
The trampoline was incredibly fun.
We would bounce, play, and challenge each other until the day was done.
The best would be when it poured.
We would get layered up and bounce until our clothes kept us floored.
Inside we would rush to dry off and warm up.
And mom would greet us, hot chocolate in a cup.

2009 – Sami, a new best friend
A girl and her dog, a friendship forever.
Marisa and Sami had a bond that could be broken, never.
From the day Sami came home to the last day
Sami remained with her, no one could sway.

2010 – Purple pop story
Movie night is always a treat.
On the floor with the kids Ris took a seat.
The infamous story of the purple crush.
A story that always made Marisa blush.
When she cracked open that can pop,
It sprayed everywhere, Everyone was shocked.
Purple on the couch, the blanket and the carpet.
Marisa was embarrassed. She didn’t want to be apart of it.
Until the laughter broke and smiles were shared.
But letting her live it down? None of us dared.

2011 – Photoshoots
Make up and hair were done at home.
When full prep for photos was done,
We would go for a walk,
To find ourselves the perfect spot.
We would take pictures out in random places,
Marisa would pose with all of her graces.
That woman had such a beautiful smile.
What I would pay to give her a dial.

2012 – First Diagnosis
A day I know we will never forget.
Fears, Tears, Time, and Regrets.
They were all hanging over our heads.
Conversations that we all dread.
Win her battle she did in a short time.
To be able to go back, I would, at the drop of a dime.

2013 – Wish trip to Switzerland
Over the sea, on a plane.
So many memories remain.
Adventures and arguments were all had.
Her mood, at that time, could get pretty bad.
Although looking back what I most remember,
Are the memories we will always hold together.

2014 – Discovery School
Changing schools, she had to do.
The turmoil of high school were a-brew.
Though the change was for the better.
The transition took time to settle.

2015 – The Gap
It truly saddens me to think
No memories to this year link.
Truly there must be something from this year.
Memories of her I hold so dear.
I suppose it’s due to the gap we faced.
Before time was valued, and future was erased.

2016 – Highschool Grad
Across the stage Marisa walked,
Years previous of this she had talked.
I remember being incredibly proud.
Her smile shone through the crowd.

2017 – Coming Out to Ris
Hey Ris I have something to tell you.
She shot me a look like only she could do.
I wanted you to know she and I are dating.
Marisa paused, shocked, simply waiting.
Her reaction was honestly quite funny.
I couldn’t have guessed it with any amount of money.

2018 – Getting her Learners License
A dream of hers to become a driver
The test acting as the divider
Between her and the thing she wanted most.
When she passed she did not forget to boast.

2019 – Ice cream on the beach
Our last time together, just her and I,
Honestly the moments are hard to summarize.
One thing I will say that I remember distinctly,
Was a conversation we had that hit me blankly.
She thought that sitting at the beach,
Was symbolistic for a conversation we hadn’t yet breached.
This ought to be something you do when someones dying,
I paused, shocked, focused on her. Eyeing,
The expressions on her face.
As she claimed with such grace,
No I think if I was dying,
Someone would have told me, crying.
I sat in that moment unsure what to do.
I didn’t correct her. Would have you?

As Marisa would say, always be kind and remember to smile.

2 thoughts on “Lonely Champagne Birthday

  1. That tribute was a work of love Micaela. She’s sharing her champagne birthday with her maker probably wearing something in a gorgeous heavenly purple….a color we haven’t seen with our eyes. I miss her big smile.


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