The Box


Tenacious. Courageous. Strong. Resilient. Loving. Beautiful.

Some of the words that come to mind when people think of you. This box is a reminder that you have so many people behind you, supporting you, loving you, through this battle. Every chemo treatment you have, this box will arrive, giving you reminders of the strength and love that surrounds you. It isn’t just from the hands that deliver it but instead from many people, far and wide, who are with you along this journey.


  1. Do not throw out the box!
  2. Be gracious and open to the contents of the box.
  3. Most important rule: NEVER GIVE UP!

We love you Marisa. We hope that everytime this box is delivered and you look in, you will have a little bit of brightness added to your day. 

We are all rooting for you ❤️

The first time I ever gave Marisa the box, I cried my way through reading her the letter taped to the top of it.  She had lost her ability to read due to the tumour’s effect on her sight. 

She got the box many times, not just on the first day of each cycle of chemo. Sometimes, she just needed the support. Filling the box gave me a sense of purpose, something I could do to help, that might put a smile on her face. 

I remember asking various people to deliver the box.   One person, in particular, stands out in my mind:  a fellow cancer survivor,  Kim. Marisa had met Kim through church and always had a connection with this beautiful being because of their experiences. Marisa talked about Kim coming to visit her for days. Her memory was worse than usual, but she remembered the efforts that Kim had put in. She started claiming everything in the box was from Kim. She reminded me of their visit multiple times. To Kim, thank you. You brought her joy that lasted days. 

There were so many contributors to that box. I am so incredibly grateful to everyone who took part. Receiving the box  brought Marisa smiles, laughs, tears, and love from all around. Now we cherish the memories that it gave us. Thank you for every donation, letter, gift, visit, email,  and photo you sent. Marisa wanted to thank you. I remember her asking me for  cards so she could write thank-you to everyone who had contributed. She never got the chance.  I suppose I am relaying her words: thank you.

As Marisa would say, always be kind and remember to smile.

06.26.2021, 18 months since

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