Treats are a massive part of training Scotia. Since Scotia has no interest in toys or play, treats are the only motivator that seems to work for her. Over the course of owning her, I have found her to be incredibly food motivated. This has also greatly helped with training. What treats I use now are based on a few factors: ingredients, size, shape, and value. Below I will go through each of these and then a list of the treats I like to have on hand!

Ingredients is the most significant component of my choice on a treat. I don’t like to feed Scotia treats that are super bad for her, so I avoid treats with many ingredients I don’t recognize. I also don’t like to feed her a lot of carbohydrates. With these things in mind, I usually only use treats with very few ingredients (often only single-ingredient).

To successfully use a treat for training the size and shape matter a lot. To ensure continuity in a training session, I don’t want Scotia to be chewing on a treat that is too crunch/chewy/large. I like to use treats that are small and easy for her to consume. This also means that if they’re nice and small we can do more training and not worry too much about her putting on too much weight.

Scotia’s interest in the treat is also really important. If she doesn’t love it, she is unlikely to do something she doesn’t feel like doing for it. There is also some good in using lower value treats for easier tasks, then using higher value treats for harder tasks. That means that the higher value treats are still higher value and not devalued by overusing them.

Alright, now to give what I use for treats! For our regular daily training, we use kibble, freeze dried organ meat (varies), and low ingredient treats. Right now, we are using TheraDiet’s Healthy Reduction for kibble. Scotia is raw-fed, so doesn’t get kibble outside of training. In the cupboard, we have UltraLimited freeze dried chicken liver, Crumps Naturals mini trainers, and PureBites freeze dried beef liver. We also use any of the treats from Strait to Summit. This is a woman who creates her very minimal-ingredient treats that are ethically made. She uses local meats and uses meats that are otherwise hard to find. I also love to get their chews as well. Highly suggest you look it up if you are into that kinda thing! I have yet to use something here that isn’t incredibly well made. There are a few Scotia isn’t fond of, but none that she won’t eat.

Treats are important for all kinds of circumstances and I never leave without my pouch of treats. One thing that will always happen that is unavoidable, is moving. A huge part of keeping Scotia comfortable is keeping her entertained in stressful times, like moving. In my next post I will go into how Scotia did on our most recent home move! Subscribe to our posts to ensure you won’t miss out.

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