Move to a Little Home

Recently, Scotia and I moved about 25 minutes from our old place. We had a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment. We now live in a tiny micro-suite in the bottom of a house. I wasn’t sure how Scotia would adjust to the very little bachelor suite. We have a small square space. There is no where I can be without her knowing exactly where I am or being able to see me. I figured she would appreciate that, but maybe also scare at a few more of my movements.

The actual move, I am incredibly impressed with how well she handled it. Through the moving of our things, cleaning, sleeping in weird setups, spending more time than usual in the car, and the whole new space she didn’t know. She was exceptional. She had bouts of anxiety but always recovered with such grace. I am so proud of how far she has come.

Since living here, Scotia has greatly improved her comfort in small spaces. She loves our new home. She struggled at the beginning with the floors. After I got a rug, she completely fell in love and calmed right down. This was her rug reaction.

I am so impressed with how she is able to handle some of the challenging and unpredictable changes. I have ensured that she is exercised about 50% more than usual and on medications regularly. Scotia has seriously grown in confidence since we moved to Kelowna. I am so proud of her.

I mentioned medications previously. In our next post I will chat about our journey with putting Scotia on behavioural medications. I will delve into why I put her on medications and my intentions with them along with the impact they have had on her. I hope you come back to hear all about it!

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