A Little Recall on Scotia’s Recall

Recall is a big part of Scotia’s training. It’s something we regularly practice to ensure it is never lost. Being that Scotia is so anxious, it’s super important for her to have reliable recall. She understands when I call her that I have something she likes: food. I try not to recall Scotia if IContinue reading “A Little Recall on Scotia’s Recall”

Positive Reinforcement Training

There is a lot of information out there on training tactics. There are millions of different ways of training a dog. This is simply my approach and it’s one I feel strongly about. I don’t expect you to agree, but have grace. I do not get mad at Scotia. I do not reprimand or punishContinue reading “Positive Reinforcement Training”

Gaining Confidence and Desensitization

Gaining confidence has been a massive part of my work with Scotia. To be able to work with a dog, they have to be ready to learn. To be ready to learn, they have to not be vibrating at the sound of the dishwasher or our upstairs neighbour. This was step one for Scotia andContinue reading “Gaining Confidence and Desensitization”

Little Pack for a Little Pup

Yet another backpacking trip under our belts. This time we hiked into twin lakes on a Saturday, did a day hike once we setup camp, and hiked out Sunday morning. This trip was a huge learning experience for Scotia, Kyle, and myself. Scotia hiked in with her pack on for the first time and she evenContinue reading “Little Pack for a Little Pup”