‘membering Mari

This is the space I have created for myself and just so happened to share it with you! In this series I will muse over memories of my little sister. Through the stories, memories, and grief that I will chat about on here, I hope you laugh, cry, and most of all, never forget the beautiful soul we lost.

Huge thank you to my beautiful Aunty Mer who has so graciously edited every one of the posts below and aided me in the process of forming these words in a way that helps you feel the feelings inside my soul.


A Sour Present

Like a rock settling to the floor of the ocean, my heart rests in the bottom of my stomach. There is a reason. In just over two hours, Scotia will undergo an operation to remove a mass on her shoulder. What the lab results show will determine how long she has to live. As IContinue reading “A Sour Present”

I See the Moon

I See the Moon.   That’s how far into the song I could get without Marisa interjecting. She hated that song. She said it creeped her out. I  thought it was funny that of all the things in her life, a song was what freaked her out the most. I was walking through the groceryContinue reading “I See the Moon”

Grief, Actually

I feel like I talk a lot about grief. I write a lot about grief.  But what does grief look like? I can only speak for myself and, for me, grief looks like a lot of things. Grief holds a space in my heart and all the emotions I have ever felt.  The random emotionsContinue reading “Grief, Actually”

The Box

Marisa, Tenacious. Courageous. Strong. Resilient. Loving. Beautiful. Some of the words that come to mind when people think of you. This box is a reminder that you have so many people behind you, supporting you, loving you, through this battle. Every chemo treatment you have, this box will arrive, giving you reminders of the strengthContinue reading “The Box”


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